Premium Fidget Toys and Gear

Here at Fidget Aid, we wanted to set out to help those who just can't seem to stop the fidgeting.

We are fidgeters ourselves and we needed help. There wasn’t much out there to ease our frustration, so we decided to jump right in.

What our customers are saying

I am finally able to keep my hands busy in class! Now my friends keep asking me where I got it..  


I purchased this for my son who has ADD. It seems to help calm him down and lets him be able to focus on his homework. I couldn’t be happier!


Someone gave me this spinner as a gift, and it seemed gimmicky at first, but it really helps me concentrate when I write. It's almost completely silent, so it doesn't bother anyone around me like tapping my pen used to. 


Love it. Helped my son with his tics.



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